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Cultural rites of passage

Describe at least two unique rites of passage to adulthood on the basis of ethnic or cultural variations. Explain the concepts of pluralism and assimilation and describe how they affect the rites of passage of individuals.

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Davis (2001-2012) explains that African culture rite of passage is meant to help the child move into adulthood smoothly and without complication. The adolescents, both male and female, are separated from their community and then placed in isolation. During this time the elders of the community test and train the youth. Testing includes a demonstration of intelligence and physical and mental strength. At this time females are excised and males are circumcised and must endure this without any sign of fear or discomfort or they would bring dishonor and shame to their family.

Once the secluded youth are brought back to their community they celebrate with their families. Each tribe has a different ritual meant to symbolize re-birth and the maturing of the individual. The Masai celebrate the Eunoto ceremony which lasts for an entire week. The ceremony marks the end of childhood and the ...

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