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Rites of passage into adulthood

Since most Americans do not practice rites of passage, how do we know when adolescence ends and adulthood begins?

What psychological features do we expect to see in adolescents?

What psychological features do we expect to see in adults?

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Passage into adolescence in marked by physiological changes that reflect a progress towards sexual maturation. Puberty marks the onset of adolescence. The hormone fluctuations in males and females initiate the development of secondary sexual characteristics such as pubic hair, development of breasts in females, menstruation in females, growth spurts in males, testicular development in males etc. All of these physiological changes are accompanied by psychological changes as well. Both males and females develop sexual curiosity and interest. They ...

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Two paragraphs with web references examining the psychological features of adolescence compared to adulthood and the rites of passage that occur during this transition.