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"Rites of Passage" by Olds

Notes about "Rites of Passage" by Sharon Olds are given. As with fiction writers, poets write to entertain their readers and to both share and illuminate aspects of the human experience.

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First of all, I offer you some notes about Sharon Olds' poem, "Rites of Passage."

As you think of possible thesis statements, you might suggest that Olds' poem strongly reflects a feminist interpretation of inherent male drives and societal expectations for boys and men toward violence, competition, and dominance even beginning at young ages. Her poem seems to show how cultural and societal expectations permit boys to be violent, aggressive, and competitive by using figurative language devices within her poem. Do you see what type of message I am emphasizing here overall?

For example, you might first justify this sample thesis by showing how Olds uses the setting of her young son's party to exemplify this theme and gender expectations.
Specifically, you might cite that she shows how boys are beginning to exhibit obvious ...

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This poem is examined for theme and conventions.