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A Review of "Beyond the Melting Pot"

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Please provide you're views on the book "Beyond the Melting Pot"? How is this book useful for early childhood educators? What insights does it provide regarding multiculturalism in the classroom?

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''Beyond the Melting Pot'', is a revolutionary book that challenged the notion of mass assimilation of immigrants into the "American" way of life once migrating to America. The authors of the books found that even after multiple generations of immigrants had lived in America for hundreds of years, many still identified with their cultural identities from their native countries. The book focused on 5 different ethnic groups in New York that had maintained their ethnic identities through successive generations. Prior to this book and books similar to it in the 1960s, the conventional wisdom by social ...

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This 366 word solution discusses the relevancy of "Beyond the Melting Pot" in informing on multiculturalism-friendly classroom practices. It, furthermore, highlights the historical significance that this book had on social sciences in America.