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    Cross Cultural Management and the American Identity

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    The subject is Cross-Cultural Management

    1. The United States of America has traditionally been considered as the "Melting pot". More recently, the phrase "salad bowl" was coined to replace this traditional 'melting pot' view. What does this all mean? How is the workplace affected by these changes?

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    In the past, the concept of America being a Melting Pot referred to the influx of immigrants into the country. However, this doesn't stop there. It wasn't just the immigrants coming in, but also the fact that each group had its own culture, its own food preference, its own buying habits, etc...and retained its own identity as a separate immigrant group. For example, Indians kept their traditions and tried to live as much an Indian cultural lifestyle as possible while in America. During those times, these specific ethnic groups tried ...

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    This solution explains the ways in which various cultures have helped shape America, from Melting Pot to Salad Bowl.