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    American Culture: melting pot or salad bowl?

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    As a nation of immigrants, the United States can be seen as either a "melting pot," where all of our ethnic experiences mix and meld together, or as a "salad bowl," where all of our ethic experiences mix yet accent one another. Which of these approaches best deals with the civil rights issues that face our nation?

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    A Nation of Immigrants, a Melting Pot of Cultures

    While the country is moving forward into a more melting pot type of society, we have never actually achieved that term. In reality we have had laws throughout our existence that disallowed rights of minorities including marriage and living together. There were times and places where people of different ethnicities were forced to live in only specific areas. Amendments to the Constitution, laws and court decisions have all tried to change the ...

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    A discussion on which of these are the better fit for the American experience. Included is what makes the writer consider the choices based on the definition of each.