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The Influences of Culture on Personality Development

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Examine systemic influences on personality development by exploring the following factors:

1) Cultural factors (immigration, urban living, etc.)

Three references please.

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Various cultures express themselves differently from each other. For example, in certain cultures, it is very disrespectful for a woman to walk next to her husband-she must always be a step behind him. Whereas, in the American culture, it is perfectly normal for a woman to walk next to her husband or even in front of him. Therefore, it is very easy for a husband from the first culture to feel offended by his American wife walking in front of him, believing she wants to be in total control of the relationship.

On another note, in America, there are various factors today that affect the personality development of individuals, especially the youth, more so than the way that it did in the past. Let's use a place like New ...

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