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Personality Development of Karen Horney

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I would like to know what influenced Karen Horney's personality development? What cultural influences did she have?
How would Freud analyze her from a psychoanalytic perspective?
Would you give your critical opinion about how well these theories explain Horney?

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Karen Horney has a distinct background that led to her theory on personality development; however, I want to start with describing her role in the field.

Karen Horney is a psychoanalyst who was highly influenced by Sigmund Freud. She wanted to improve on some of Freud's theories on personality development. Horney developed the psychoanalytic social theory which is the belief that personality development is influenced more by social factors rather than biological factors. Horney believed that a person's personality is shaped by both social and cultural conditions, particularly those from childhood. This is one of the few ways that she's very similar to Freud. She believed that childhood experience is very important but differs in that she doesn't believe it's necessary in treatment to delve into childhood recollections. ...

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This solution describes the social and cultural influences on Karen Horney's theories of personality development. It also includes an example of how Sigmund Freud would psychoanalyze her from a psychoanalytical perspective.

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