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Discussing social psychological theories

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Briefly talk about the following: Key Figures, Key Concepts of Personality Formation, Explanation of Disorder Personality, Validity, Comprehensiveness, Applicability, Cultural Utility for Humanistic theory.

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The following posting discusses various social psychological theories including personality formation, disorder personality, validity, comprehensiveness, applicability, cultural utility and humanistic theory.

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Key Figures in Humanistic Theory: Carl R. Rogers (1902-1987) and Karen Horney (1885-1952)

There are many key figures which provide humanistic theoretical frameworks, however, I have chosen to provide a continued further discussion of Carl Rogers and Karen Horney. These two figures provide concepts concerning personality formation and theoretical aspects faced during development. Carl Rogers "generated some basic humanistic understandings of child development to ground his person-centered model of therapy" (DeRobertis, 2006, p.178). As infancy progress and children begin to experience more and more of a sense of autonomy and control over their surroundings, they start to develop what ...

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