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Cognitive Social Learning Theory

Summarize Rotter and Mischel's Cognitive Social Learning Theory.

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The Social Learning theory emphasizes the influence of learning social and cognitive processes on how persons evaluate, interpret, and organized information, and the apply it to self and others. Basically, Cognitive Social learning inquires how cognitive processes influence behavior. For example, Rotter developed a theory that focused on how beliefs and ideas change the way individuals interpret events and situations based on how much control a person has over the situation. His theory of "locus of control" is based on control over situation or rewards. If a person believes that he or she has control over situations and rewards, it is stated as internal locus of control. For example, if you believe that studying will result in ...

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This solution discusses the theories of Walter Mischel and Julian Rtter concerning social learning. Cognitive processes of leraning, thinking and feeling based on the Social Cognitive Theory are discussed.