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Explanation of the scientific credibility of Albert Bandura's four-step social cognitive theory

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Explain the scientific credibility of cognitive and social cognitive theory through the use of Albert Bandura's four-step social cognitive theory.

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One of the most noted theorists is Albert Bandura. Bandura's social-cognitive theory accentuates the social origins of behavior in addition to the cognitive thought process that impact human behavior and functioning. Bandura suggests that cognitive factors are fundamental to human performance and that learning can happen even when there is absence of direct reinforcement. That is, learning can transpire through observing models (1).

The first of Bandura's basic concepts to be discussed is ...

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The expert, in the solution, discusses famous social-cognitive theorists Albert Bandura. His four-step conceptual scheme (observer attributes, retention processes, motor reproduction processes, and motivational processes) of the process involved in observational learning is explained step-by-step. Resources for further learning are provided.