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Gabriel Tarde's and Albert Bandura's modeling theory

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Explain the similarities and differences between Gabriel Tarde's and Albert Bandura's versions of modeling theory.

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As compare and contrast the two theorists, I feel that both have four stages or elements to them. Tarde strongly emphasizes that four main stages of imitation occur. These include are close contact, imitation of superiors, understanding of concepts, and role model behavior.

Bandura, too, has this 4-element logic in terms of modeling theory:

1) Attention, concentrating on the topic or task,
2) Retention, remembering information for later use often by using imagery and
3) Reproduction, translating the imagery and language back into an action,
4) Motivation, reinforcing the behavior through rewards, punishments, incentives
and repetition. ...

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Gabriel Tarde's and Albert Bandura's versions of modeling theory are briefly explicated.