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social learning theories

Background of the theorist associated with the selected theory. The background of the theorist should include:

The person's educational background
The person's professional background
List of theories that the individual has developed
Dealing with Social Learning Theories

The social, political, and economic situation of the country at the time of the writing of the theory.

A detailed description of the criticism of the theory.

A detailed description of how the theory has been altered, modified, and expanded by other theorists.

A summary of the use of the theory today. "Is the theory still popular? Why? Where and how is this theory being applied in today's context?"

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Step 1
Social Learning Theory considered is Social Learning Theory. This theory has been written by an American psychologist Julian Rotter. He got his undergraduate degree from Brooklyn College, Master's degree at the University of Iowa, and doctorate at Indiana University. He worked as adviser to the US Army during World War II. He was a psychologist. Later he joined the Ohio State University where he taught and served as the chairman, of the clinical psychology program. The theories developed by Rotter are Social Learning Theory and Locus of Control theory.
Step 2
The social situation when the Social Learning Theory was developed by Rotter was that unemployment and inflation were low. The 'baby boomers' were growing up, the war was over but many women kept their jobs. The American ...

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