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    Social Learning Theory and Interpersonal Theory

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    Compare and contrast social learning theory with interpersonal theory to discover which theory and form of therapy would be beneficial for an 18 year old girl who has been molested by an uncle at age 15, raped by a stranger at age 18, and who has gained 80 pounds so that she would be unattractive and safe from rape.

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    I have named the girl, 'Laura' to make it simpler to write about her. Also, I can't seem to delete the attachment. The attachment is a draft, the explanation is below. Good luck!

    I would begin my thought process by creating a chart with each theory and their highlights:
    - What is the etiology of each?
    - What are the key points and definitions?
    - What are the applications?

    Once your thoughts are organized, in the paper I would begin by defining and describing each theory.
    Then discuss any similarities between the two. Next, discuss how they are different. Then, take a look at Laura's situation and describe it from each perspective. Start with what you know about Laura. Laura gained an unhealthy amount of weight in order to protect herself. What would a social learning theorist say about this method of self-preservation? How does this look through an interpersonal theorist's lens? From this information you can make a decision about which therapy you think would be the most beneficial for Laura and why (final paragraphs). Be sure to use examples to back up your decision.

    Here are some notes to help you along:
    Interpersonal Theory: Sullivan
    * States that the purpose of all behavior is to get needs met through interpersonal interactions in order to decrease or avoid anxiety.
    * Sullivan explained six developmental stages called "epochs" or heuristic Stages in Development. (Think about the tragic events that Laura experienced and how the stage she was in might be related to how she is coping).

    1. Infancy (birth-18mo) Gratification of ...

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    This will help to compare and contrast Bandura's Social Learning Theory with Sullivan's Interpersonal Theory.