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    Behavioral and Cognitive theories

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    How are Behavioral and Cognitive theories applicable?

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    1. How are Behavioral and Cognitive theories applicable (list for each theory applicability)

    Behavior theory has been applied to education, such as classroom management, children with disorders, such as ADHD and conduct disorder, as well as in treating anxiety disorders, such as panic disorders (systematic desensitization).

    Behavior modification has also been used to help parents or school counselors to shape appropriate behavior in children who act out (behaviors that have unintentionally been reinforced) to learn new and appropriate behaviors. (www.allpsych.com)

    Behavior theory is used in communities, where children are rewarded (or punished) for good or bad behavior at camps, swimming pools, day camps, and so on.

    Some workplaces use behavior theories to shape employee behavior i.e. reinforce good behavior ...

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    The validity of Behavioral and Cognitive theories is discussed. References are also provided to further validate the findings.