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    Cognitive Social Learning

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    Please describe how COGNITIVE SOCAL LEARNING affects INDIVIDUAL personalities.

    Please exlain how COGNITIVE SOCAL LEARNING theories influence INTERPERSONAL relationships.

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    Cognitive Social Learning Theory

    ? Please describe how cognitive social Learning affects individual personalities.

    The Cognitive Social Learning theory was shaped by the theoretical postulations of Bandura (1986) and Walter Mischel (1973) based upon the belief that cognitive processes such as conscience, thinking and feeling were distinctive features of human behavior. Based on the Social learning Theory, individual characteristics are shaped by the models that they are exposed to. Mischel' version of social learning theory suggests that people will often behave differently in different situations. He asserts that it is "assumed that personality dispositions or traits are relatively stable, highly consistent attributes that exert widely generalized cause effects on behavior" (p. 244). Within this assumption, Mischel borrows from Allport's (1937) assertion in which he notes that "personality comprises broad underlying dispositions which influence behavior". (p. 244).

    Thus, based on the social learning theory, models have a great influence on human behavior. For example, people tend to imitate people they like or respect as opposed to ones they don't like or respect. For instance, children learn to be assertive and/or ...

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    This solution describes how Cognitive Social Learning affect individual personalities, and influence interpersonal relationships.