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Karen Horney Psychonalytic Social theory versus Freud Theory

Looking for information on Karen Horney Psychonalytic Social theory verse Freud Psychonalysis.

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Karen Horney Psychoanalytic Social Theory
looking for information on Karen Horney Psychoanalytic Social theory verse Freud Psychoanalysis
Psychoanalytic Social Theory - Karen Horney
The Process of Psychotherapy
According to Paris (2002), Horney said that her need to re-evaluate Freud's psychoanalytic theory had its foundation in "a dissatisfaction with therapeutic results" (Horney, 1939, p. 7). In New Ways in Psychoanalysis (1939) Horney redefined transference, counter-transference, and the goals of therapy, and in Self-Analysis (1942) "she developed an account of the analytic process in accordance with her new paradigm" (Paris, 2002). In addition Horney refined her ideas about Psychotherapy in subsequent papers and speeches in (1950, 1987, 1991, 1999), to amazement her center of attention was on the present of her patients rather than the past, structure of the analysis to a certain extent instead of origins was similar to Freud's.
According to Freud, analysis promotes regressive reactions, leading his patients to transfer onto the analyst feelings that come from the patient's childhood. Horney had a different view of transference, in this way the character structure of the patient determines how a patient acts towards therapists. The inner conflicts and defenses of the ...