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    Jul 2010
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    • PhD (Candidate)-ABD, Northcentral University, 2013
    • MA, Northcentral University, 2007
    • MBA, City University of Seattle, 1990


    • Psychology

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    The functions of the brain, neurons and how information is transmitted for an individual to react to external stimuli!

    Jay has been afraid of dogs since he was bitten as a child. When he sees a dog, it sets off an intense reaction that involves both the nervous and endocrine systems. This is called the "fight or flight" reaction because it prepares the person to fight off the danger or to run away. Using information READ MORE »

    Psychology / Biopsychology / Nervous System / Neurons and Glia » 340266

    Are Blocked and Recovered Memories Valid Phenomena?

    Critical Issue Analysis paper: Issue/case: Are Blocked and Recovered Memories Valid Phenomena? (Case attached)
    Analyze your selected critical issue by using the Critical Issue Analysis template (attachement). As a part of your analysis, evaluate contemporary research associated with your selected c READ MORE »

    Psychology / Psychopharmacology » 328602

    Five-factor theory

    What are the central components of the five-factor theory?

    Psychology / Abnormal Psychology » 344508

    Sigmund Freud

    1) According to Freudian theory, is Steve aware of why he interacts with women only on a sexual basis? Which state of consciousness is most involved in controlling this behavior?

    2) What type of Freudian psychic energy motivates Steve's relationships with women?

    3) At what Freudian stage is S READ MORE »

    Psychology / Abnormal Psychology » 339248

    Jung and Adler

    Carl Jung and Alfred Adler
    1) Using Jung's theoretical concepts and stages, what is Bob's attitude according to Jungian theory? How do we know this?
    2 What is Bob's superior function according to Jungian theory? How do we know this?
    3) What are archetypes? In what level of c READ MORE »

    Psychology / Abnormal Psychology » 339646
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