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Five-Factor Theory

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What are the central components of the five-factor theory?

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This short paper discusses the origins and makeup of the five-factory theory of personality. I use examples from research that illustrates how the theory evolved and the more detailed descriptions of personality than previous models.

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What are the central components of the five-factor theory?

The five factor theory of personality was derived based upon preceding models basically because it was founded as a revision of Catrell's sixteen model of personality (Catell et al., 1970). However, there has been debate among theorists whether the "big-five" is an accurate model of personality. The question that has been asked of this model, is whether or not it is theoretically sound, and also, if is capable of describing personality.
The big-five factor theory actually occurred as a result of work by Tupes and Christal (1962) who analyzed the results of Cattell's work applied to 8 samples of young Air Force officers. In these analyses, "6 had 8 factors extracted; another had 5 factors, and the last, 12 factors." Tupes and Christal's claim was that "five fairly strong and recurrent factors emerged". Block, however, does not think that this recurrence ...

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