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"What About Bob'" - the Five Factor Model and Carl Jung

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Explain how Carl Jung and the Five Factor model theories can explains the personality of Bob Wilder (the character in the movie What About Bob).

Explain how the selected character's behavior might be interpreted differently, depending on which theoretical approach is used.

Explain which each chosen theorist or theory would address relevant social, cultural, environmental, biological, or unconscious factors that may be influencing the character's behavior.

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As you assess the What About Bob's main character using the Five Factor model, I chose this one since Bob Wiley exhibits high degrees of neurotic behaviors throughout the movie and a myriad of phobias. His character strongly correlates with the the Five-Factor Model of personality.

This source offers excellent insights about this theory:

Allan, J., Leeson, P., & Martin, L. S. (2014). Who wants to change their personality and what do they want to change?. International Coaching Psychology Review, 9(1), 8-21.

Allan summarizes how the Five-Factor Model suggests "that personality can be described using five key factors (or domains). These are conscientiousness, agreeableness, emotionality (or neuroticism), openness and extraversion (Costa & McCrae, 1992)." Thus, Bob aligns strongly with the emotionality or neuroticism identified in this theory.

As you explain how the Five Factor model theories can explain the personality of Bob Wilder, I maintain that this theory would likely regard Bob's high levels of emotionality to his vulnerability to negative ramifications such as high stress, anxiety, depression, and frustration. When Bob stalks Dr. Marvin to his summer home, it definitely can be viewed in correlation to Bob's high ...

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400 words of notes and references briefly validate how What About Bob's main character from the film correlates with the Five Factor model as well as Jung's theories.

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