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    Carl Jung

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    Please help, how was Carl Jung impacted by diversity, explain Carl Jung's success, what was Carl Jung's lack of succes, Carl Jung;s struggles, Carl Jung's challenges, Carl Jungs Decisions etc. Please do not copy and paste his bio from wikipedia, Please cite your sources

    Thank you .

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    By way of background, Carl Jung grew up in a religious home in Switzerland and began his career as a psychiatrist before joining forces with Sigmund Freud. When this alliance ended, Jung developed his own approach to studying the personality that he termed analytical psychology to differentiate his views from Freud's psychoanalysis (Sheikman & Geller, (2005). Thus, Carl Jung counter balanced psychoanalytic forces with human potential .His formulations for his theory were based on his view that individuals had distinct, different personalities, and each individual has a need to search inward to develop a sense of self. Jung's views on the personality emerged from his childhood experiences, which according to Friedman & Schuster (2006) was made up of a combination of two different personalities. On one hand, he was an outwardly child (shy, withdrawn and introverted) child, and on the other he was a wise and cultured individual.

    How was Carl Jung impacted by diversity

    According to Jung, each person shares a collective unconscious with the entire human race. This collective unconscious (memory traces inherited from people' past), according to Jung this memory (s)contain a spiritual heritage of evolution (von Raffay & Slotkin , 2000). He referred to these memories as archetypes, and defined the term as emotionally charged images and ideas that are manifested in a culture's use of symbolism (e.g., art, literature, and religion). He postulated that symbols similarities are reflect in different cultures because they ...

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    This solution discusses the challenges, success and struggles of Carl Jung in the development of his theories.