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Carl Jung and Personality Archetypes

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Jung believed that the persona, anima/animus, and shadow were some of the archetypes that had evolved so completely that they could be considered separate systems within the personality. Which list below best describes those archetypes (in order)?

1) The ego; the collective unconscious; the personal unconscious (However I chose this one, because it seem to be the best)
2) The private self; introvert/extrovert orientation; the social self
3) The center of personality; the negative side of personality; conscious/unconscious mediator
4) The public self; the male/female dimensions; animal instincts

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A discussion regarding Carl Jung's archetypes including the Persona, the Anima/Animus, and the Shadow. 271 words, 1 reference.

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I actually think the answer is number 4. The reason is because they best represent the archetypes that Jung believed existed and it represents the order in which the question was asked. It asked about the persona, the anima/animus and the shadow. The public self, the male/female dimensions and the animal instincts are in that same order.

- The Persona - "The persona is how we present ourselves to the world" (Cherry, 2013, para 10). It represents all of the ...

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