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The Impact of Pscyhodynamic Theory on Individual Personalities and Interpersonal Relationships

Describe how Jung's psychodynamic theories affect individual personalities. Please also examine how psychodynamic theories influence interpersonal relationships.

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Carl Jung worked with Sigmund Freud for years before eventually breaking away from Freud's psychodynamic theories to develop his own. Jung became fascinated with dreams, philosophy, art and myth. After studying these subjects Jung came up with his theories of psychology which still has an impact on the study of psychology today. Jung's Analytical Psychology suggest that individual psyches consist of three parts, the conscious mind or ego, the personal unconscious mind and the collective unconscious mind. He also developed the concepts of introversion and extroversion. Jung suggested that the ego is the part of an individual that contains the conscious choices that a person makes or the experiences that the individual is part of in the present. The individual's personal unconscious mind contains the individuals memories that the individual has chosen to suppress. The collective unconscious is the part of experiences that the human species shares, sort of like an inheritance for all human kind.
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In approximately 600 words, this solution describes how Carl Jung's psychodynamic theories affect individual personalities and interpersonal relationships.