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The effect of dispositional theories on personalities

I am doing a paper on Dispsitional personality theories Matrix. I have to prepare a paper analyzing the strenghts and limitations of the theories listed in explaining individual's behavior. I need to address teh following

describing how dispositional theories affect individual personalities;
explain how dispositional theories influence interpersonal relationships; I need help in trait and factor theory with all sections

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The Dispositional personality theory suggests that individual personalities are made up of broad dispositions. This theory sees personality as made up of little pieces or traits. Theorists generally assume that traits are relatively stable over time, they differ among individuals and they can influence behavior. The "Big Five" personality model proposed by Lewis Goldberg takes other factors into account when describing the components of personality. They consist of:
1. Openess to Experience: the tendency to be imaginative, independent, and interested in variety vs. practical, conforming, and interested in routine.
2. Conscienctiousness: the tendency to be disciplined and cautious vs. disorganzed and careless.
3. Extrrversion: the tendency to be sociable and outgoing vs. the tendency to be retiring and reserved.
4. Agreeableness: the tendency to be softhearted , trusting and helpful ...

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The following solution describes how dispositonal theories affect individual personalities. It also provides an expalnation of how dispositonal theories affect interpersonal relationships factoring trait theory into the explanation.