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Dispositional Personality Theory vs Evolutionary & Biolgocial Personality Theory

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I need help writing about the following:

- Describe the differences between dispositional and evolutionary or biological personality theories.
- Discuss the strengths and limitations of dispositional and evolutionary or biological personality theories as they apply to behavior.
- Discuss the Big Five personality test and how it is used to study personality.

Include a minimum of two to three sources.

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Dispositional personality theories are based on a disposition of a person, specifically of types or traits that a person has. Dispositional personality is what the Big 5 is based off of, seeing that the Big 5 measures 5 different personality traits extroversion, openness to experience, neuroticism, conscientiousness, and agreeableness). Personality types are base off of a person's temperament whereas traits theory states people have various traits at different levels; both of which are used to predict how a person will behave in different situations. To find some literature on dispositional trait personality theory try looking up work by Gordon Allport. Some strengths of dispostional theory is that there are many different traits that can be measured to describe a person, and levels of these traits can be used to research how people that are high in certain traits may behave in certain situations. However a downfall to trait theory is that it is mostly measured by self report measures and may not actually give a realistic view of one's personality, rather give a person's ideal version of what they think their personality might be, also it merely describes individual differences rather than investigates why there are individual differences.

-Evolutionary personality theory takes an evolutionary stance on personality, specifically individual differences; ...

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A brief over view of 3 personality theories as well as an overview of the Big Five personality inventory.