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Concept of Personality Opinions

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1). Discuss the concept of personality, why there are so many theories, and how this study impacts psychotherapy.

2). In your opinion, is there one that is right or that completely encompasses an understanding of personality?

3). If you were to consider a theory of your own, what would it include?

4). Discuss what we mean by the term, "paradigm."

5). Include four aspects of personality within your discussion post response

Support your discussion with scholarly references.

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The concepts of personality opinions are determined. The Terms Paradigm is determined.

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Concept of personality:

Hampson (1988) suggests that personality refers to internal factors that make an individual's behaviour consistent form one time to another but different to behaviours exhibited by other people in a similar situation. The concept of personality employs the assumptions that personality is internal, stable, consistent and different (Hampson, 1988).

Why there are so many theories:

There are many theories about personality because there are numerous personality perspectives. Perspectives can be classified into personality type and psychodynamic. There are different personality theories within these perspectives and this has led to many personality theories.

How the study ...

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