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Example and Analysis of Effective Advertising (TV)

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Advertisements can be award-winning, controversial, successful, or totally ineffective. Different people have different opinions. As a marketing professional, you need to go beyond categorizing ads as successful or not, and analyze the techniques used to create the messages.

Provide a BRIEF OVERVIEW (1 PARAGRAPH ONLY) of any ad, commercial, or entire advertising campaign, and state whether you consider it effective or ineffective in the United States and (your choice) of another country.

Providing a link to the actual commercial, advertisement, or product from a site, such as YouTube, makes the discussion more fun and easier for your classmates to assess the ad you are describing. (NOTE: providing a link is not required.)

* Classify what execution method(s) were used for this advertisement or advertisement campaign. Armstrong & Kotler (2006) list the execution methods as:
o Slice of life
o Lifestyle
o Fantasy
o Mood or image
o Musical
o Personality symbol
o Technical expertise
o Scientific evidence
o Testimonial evidence or endorsement
* Examine whether the ad's message and execution method(s) are a good match to use internationally.
* Explain your interpretation and provide a comment for improvement(s).
* Does the price level of the advertised item have an affect internationally?


Armstrong, G., & Kotler, P. (2006). Principles of marketing (11th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

about 250 words

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Solution Summary

The brief (one-paragraph) solution provides an example of an effective TV advertising execution with an analysis of this execution, which includes identification of execution method used, fit for international usage, concept interpretation and ideas for execution improvement.

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Statefarm: NNID- Not Now I'm Driving

This lifestyle TV commercial dramatizes a teenage girl participating in text message conversations with several of her friends. Once she reaches her car, she sends a message to all friends informing them that she is driving and won't text. I believe ...

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