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    Concept's Application to Society

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    Pick a term from this list. Apply the term to social psychology and explain the concept's application to society. Develop the concept in terms of applicability and heuristic value. Inform your response with scholarly support.

    a. Entitativity
    b. Essentialism and social psychology
    c. Attribution error and social psychology

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    Attribution error and Social Psychology

    Social Psychology is the scientific study of behaviors focuses on understanding individual thoughts and behaviors that are influenced by others (i.e. society). One area of psychology includes the attribution theory that attempts to explain how people make attributions to other people and/or situations. For example when making casual analyses regarding specific behavior of persons, either attribute internal or external characteristics can be attributed to the person performing the behavior. For example, research suggests that individuals don't always use accurate information when making attributions to others, which can lead to attribution biases and/or errors. The Fundamental attribution error can be defined as the tendency to attribute the cause of behavior to a person's disposition and overlook the demands of the environment or situation (Tetlock, 1985).

    Thus, according to Tetlock, a ...

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    This solution describes the attribution err, and how the concept of attribution error is applied to a broader society.