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    Strategy for Writing a Script of Concept for a Film/TV Reboot

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    In the entertainment media industry, film and television writing often comes with the burden of achieving originality in a market that is saturated with ideas that have been repeatedly done. As such, a lot of tried and true formulas, as well as stories and franchises end up seeing prequels and entirely reimagined reboots. Here we engage in a brief discussion about how to keep reboot fresh while also maintaining certain core elements so as to not alienate the concept's established audience and their nostalgic expectations.

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    When it comes to writing for the video entertainment industry, be it television content or film making, there's always the perpetual quest for the fairly elusive accomplishment of originality and breaking new ground. Also, even taking compelling and quality content into consideration, few ever manage to be the first of their kind, or genuinely authentic in breaking new ground. As such, this is a good aspiration, but not something upon which people should bank their goals as they could still end up producing something compelling that isn't necessarily a revolutionary.

    However, in pursuit of compelling ideas, sometimes, writers have to go back to recreating the wheel, which can come by way of reboots of older series or films that had done very well in their time. This can also come in various forms from faithful recreations of the earlier concepts ...

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    The film and television entertainment industry can be punishing as one can't always reinvent the wheel when it comes to a new concept or script, this is why tackling the task of coming up with a fresh angle on a reboot, that requires appealing to the established legacy of the franchise or concept, while also introducing worthwhile novelties in how it is envisioned, can be very important.