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    Product Placement as a Critical Advertising Tool

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    - Why is product placement becoming a critical element for advertisers and marketers?

    - Is the cost of product placement in TV and Movies paying off in the long run?

    - Determine if one of your recent favorite movies or TV shows has impacted you and/ or your family as a consumer(s).

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    - Why is product placement becoming a critical element for advertisers and marketers?

    Johannes (2005) reports that television placement value jumped a whopping 46.4% to $1.87 billion in 2004 outstripping films for the first time in 30 years, a new report by market research firm PQ Media says. In 2004, film product placement alone rose by 14.6% to $1.25 billion, it states.

    Brand integration is a new innovation in advertising. It is a natural inclusion of a product in TV or film shows. Brand integration "tricks" TV and film audience into believing that the product featured in the show is part of the movie/TV script.

    "Product placement is the biggest thing to hit the advertising industry in years. It will never go away. It's an implied endorsement. You are involved in a story and the story involves a product that you see or notice. [Product placement] moves and motivates people. It's an incredible medium" (Johannes, 2005).

    Consumers would usually abhor a 15 or 30-second advertisement as they consider this as interruption to the show they are watching. James Bond movies, a consistent brand integration specialist, got away with this by introducing products on film as part of the film.
    Examples are Coca-cola Zero in Quantum of Solace (Universal Export, n.d.).

    "Calvin Klein started this with Pierce Brosnan in the role of James Bond in The World In Not Enough, when they promoted a model of sunglasses that tied in with the film and featured in a ski sequence" (Leigh, 2012).
    In the Transporter 3 movie, actor Jason Statham drives an Audi A8 through much of the movie (Groover, 2009).

    These are only some of the instances where product placement gains ground in TVs and movies. Shown in Table I are the list of movies, brand placement, and exposure time.

    Product placement is a critical element ...

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