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    E-Commerce and 4 Ps

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    1.What are the differences in marketing to a business as opposed to a consumer? Why is it different? How is it different?
    2.The world of e-commerce has certainly changed the ideas of buying and selling. However, even with using the internet the 4-P's still are important. For this Discussion Questions, how do you feel the Place component of the 4-P's has changed with e-commerce?

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    1. The difference in marketing to one over the other is the ability to meet face to face with the business where it might be impossible to do this with every consumer. There is also an approach to marketing to businesses where terms of sale and payment can be used where with consumers this is most often not possible, unless you are the retail outlet. While a layaway plan is used for consumers, it is limited. However, companies can order with arrival dates scheduled in advance for days or weeks or months. The volume is much different in marketing to companies with ...

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