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    Market budget

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    A fictional Products yearly income, Cost of Goods sold can be 250, but as I said it is a fictional product, so all of this is made up, so whatever fits in with the amounts given will satisfy the requirements.

    Dr. Scholl's board of directors has determine the percentage of the budget that will go towards the marketing budget is $50,000.00 for Dr. Scholl's new product the Comfort Cuddler (orthopedic shoe).
    1. Product: the development of the shoe will need itself which would be the Comfort Cuddler, part of the budget will need to go towards development of the shoe.
    2. Place: Includes two things, the distribution of the product and the warehousing of the product.
    3. Promotion: Promoting the product, advertising, media research to find out what media to advertise with. The target audience: would be the elderly, pregnant women and people with feet and joint problems, research to find out who your target audience is, so you know who your target audience are.
    4. Monitor and Control: Using Competitive Intelligence and have a contingency plan.

    The above factors or equally important, but promotion needs to go more in-depth to solve many of the complications of advertising and research, because of this the categorization of the budget are as follows.
    25% goes to product and monitoring and controlling, 15% is used for placement because Dr. Scholl's is already an established company, they have distribution centers and warehouses for there previous products in existence. 35% is used for promotion and research of target audience, with the main portion of 30% going towards advertisements.
    Product 25%
    Monitoring and Controlling 25%
    Placement (Distribution and Warehousing) 15%
    Promotion (Advertising and Research) 35% (with the 30% for advertising alone)

    I am completely stumped on how to put this in order, with the above and below information, I need an excel chart done on a yearly forecasting by month with production starting in April (basically a budget) of this companies new product, it has to include, the following information, the Production, Placement (distribution and factory overhead), Promotion (Advertising and Research), Monitoring and Controlling the information would need to inform the board of cost of goods, cost of goods sold, which is consider cash flows (inflows and outflows) Expenses, Revenue, Gross Margin, Net income and total expenses. Dr. Scholl's is allocating $50,000.00 for this venture, with a ten percent increase in sales every quarter.

    TOTAL Dr. Scholl's cost $62.77
    Dr.Scholl's net profit $4.55
    Gross wholesale price $67.32
    Retail cost and profit $52.68
    Estimated Retail sales price $ 120.00

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