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    Important information about Global Business Plan

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    Select a product and a country for a global business venture. I have decided to market bbq grils to China. I also recommend that the organization is a company that produces Barbeque Grills called "Sizzler". Our product is called the "Sizzler-08" and we are trying to break into the Chinese market. Producing our own in the US is not worth it any longer, so we instead are looking at opening a plant in China where we can manufacture for both the US (cheaper labour), but mostly to break into the Chinese market.

    My section is to prepare a financial overview for this global venture. I must include a chart that represents the general budget for this global venture. Also, explain how this company will deal with foreign exchange risks for this global operation using a minimum of 600 words.

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    //Hereby we have to develop a global business plan for a company. In this part of query, we will prepare a financial overview for this venture. The financial overview will cover several points such as budget, foreign exchange risks, transaction exposures, etc. I am providing you an overview about preparing a financial overview. //

    Global Venture: Financial Overview


    This paper is related to a global business venture. The venture consists of marketing the product of our company; I.e. "Sizzler - 08" to China. Our Company has to market barbeque grills to China. Below is a financial overview of the venture which depicts a general budget. It is also explained below about the ways in which the company can deal with the risk of foreign exchange that will arise during the course of this global venture.


    A budget is defined as a comprehensive and coordinated plan, expressed in financial terms, for the operations and resources of an enterprise for some specified period to time in the future. The overall budget is known as the master budget. It includes the components like estimated sales budget, production budget, purchase budget, direct labor budget, manufacture expenses budget, administrative and selling expenses budget and all the financial data which is essential to make budget for the future course of action. The financial overview of the global venture is shown below:

    General Budget (see the file)

    Note: In the budget shown above, the figures are hypothetical.

    Foreign Exchange Risk

    Foreign exchange ...

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