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Evaluating Advertising Plans

Once you have identified the target audience, determined the communication objective, designed a message, chosen media, set the budget, established the overall communication mix, and checked to see if the promotional mix is integrated properly with other marketing communication efforts, its time to put it all into a written document. Fortunately, some software exists to help you with this task. Advertising Plan Pro is one such software tool. It guides you through the creation of comprehensive integrated marketing communication document, from strategy to implementation and evaluation. First, go to www.paloalto.com/ps/ap/index.cfm and tour the application. Next go to: www.paloalto.com/sampleplans/protected/app4/boulderstop-app.pdf download a free sample of compete advertise plan, and review it. Now respond to the following:

Q1 Assess Advertising Plan Pro as a tool for communications professional.
Q2 Does the Advertising Plan Pro tool do all the work for an advertiser? Explain.
Q3 Is this a tool designed only for large companies?

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Q1. The tool is advertised as being comprehensive, and that it will help you out with all of your IMC needs. However, my first impression was that this tool is merely an expensive word processor. For example, they claim to make nice and easy to use charts tables and graphs, merge the text, format the style of your document, and create a linked table of content. For Almost $300 I would say no thanks, and I could take the time to do similar things in word, excel and pdf.

When I clicked on the segmentation section, I was impressed with the feature that claimed that it could help me understand my target audience. However, I am skeptical ...

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