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    Live Action versus Animated Film

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    What quality do animated films have that live action films do not? In other words, what are the pros of an animated film over a live action film? Assuming, of course, that there are pros of animation over live action.

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    Live action films use animation these days. Think about The Matrix, Iron Man, most of the action and even some of the backgrounds, say in Gladiator, use animation to fill in the people. Not all the people but some of the people. This said, it is a hard question you ask! Because live action films can create similar effects to animation now, it is often hard to tell if something IS live or not. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon uses both live action and special effects that are a kind of animation where the animation starts with the real body, and frame by frame they place this body in just about any position the director wants to comply with the script.

    When I think of older films, from before the time of special effect animation, such as Dirty Harry, the excitement that the viewer feels knowing that ...

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    The expert determines what quality do animate films have that live action films do not. The pros of an animated film over a live action film is determined.