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Leadership development in film depictions

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Is organization development limited to war movies or can examples of it be found in other films as well? If so, cite several movies and explain. If not, explain why you think organization development's depiction is limited to war films.

Note: More along the line of characters in leadership role.

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Organizational development is not only portrayed in war films. the film version of the novel Lord of the Flies portrays organizational development among children in a setting, while primitive, that is not war-like. The children organize themselves into a society while they are marooned on the island. It is a survival of the fittest sort of thing, but it is a society which is organized into a leader and followers.

Another example of this organizational development occurs in the film series Harry Potter. In one of the films, some of the students at Hogwart's school organize themselves into a defensive educational group, with Harry as their leader/teacher. They come up with this scenario themselves, without adult supervision.

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Discussion of leadership development in film character roles, with examples

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