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Movie, the Reader,

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A synopsis of the movie that is at least a paragraph long, and then addresses the following elements: a.) How the movie portrays sex and sexuality, b.) Whether or not this movie presents a fair, healthy view of sex, and c.) Review the movie for overall artistic merit and audience impact.

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First of all, as you present a brief synopsis of the plot and themes within this riveting film, the movie shows how the Holocaust embodied many moral and emotional ambiguities, as it was not as black and white in scope as we may assume historically. For example, the film reveals how Hanna harbors a deep secret. An article, "Nazis and The Movies," reports how her secret is "viewed through the perspective of an enamored younger man. This is more narrative strategy than sexism: mainstream Holocaust movies have long relied on an audience surrogate--neither a victim nor a villain, but a neutral observer with whom we can identify." It chronicles how Hanna, a former concentration-camp guard, endures a trial for her war crimes. Thus, it chronicles how Hanna, a former concentration-camp guard, endures a trial for her war crimes.By exposing the love affair between the much older Hanna and Michael in this film, it offers a glimpse into the human psyche during war time and the horrible atrocities committed; it also demonstrates how multifaceted it was for those who were involved on all sides of this heinous event, the Holocaust. Critics also reiterate that the movie "crystallizes this moral ambiguity when we learn during Winslet's war-crimes trial that she protected and fed some of the concentration-camp inmates. She didn't do more, she says, because no one could actually quit their jobs as a camp guard. "What would you have done?" she asks the judge" (Insdorf). In other words, it presents a moral dilemma as we judge those who engaged in war crimes within the Holocaust.

As you then dissect the various depictions of sexuality within The Reader, I feel that the film shows an unhealthy relationship as ...

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The movie, the Reader, is discussed in terms of its sexuality depictions in the solution.