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    Movie Analysis and Interpersonal Communication

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    Please help with the following Analysis Grid on "Avatar".

    1. Need to provide sufficient detail to identify the example, while using clear and concise language. The reader has watched the movie. Your analysis needs to be speckled with terminology as you explore the examples for each section.

    2. For each major concept you will be asked to identify one or two examples. Be clear and concise with your responses.

    3. When providing examples, make sure you are focusing on interpersonal communication.

    Please focus on the following concepts: Interpersonal Communication, Social Perception, Relationships, Verbal Communication, Nonverbal Communication, Culture and Listening.

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    Interpersonal communication in general involves individuals that are dependant upone one another, typically family members or close friends. This can include one on one conversations or the interaction with many people. Interpersonal communication helps us understand how and why people communicate. When you speak about interpersonal communication it can be referred to as the ptocess used to communicate ideas, thoughts and perceptions are formed in most cases. This includes face-to face interaction and other modern forms of communicating like skype and web chatting.

    Perception is how you see some one or what you "assume about them after an initial communication. How you think about someone and what you think will determine if this individual is someone you will comminicate with regularly. These perception concepts that the assignment speaks about have to be solid examples from the movie.

    Ineffective language is someone trying to hard to speak. An example ...