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Management Problems - Interpersonal Skills and Finances

1. Imagine yourself as a potential member of a team responsible for designing a new package for breakfast cereal. Do you think interpersonal skills would be equally important if the team is organized face-to-face versus a virtual team? Why or why not? Might different types of interpersonal skills be required for the two types of teams? Be specific.
2. Experts say that for teams to function well, members have to get to know one another in some depth. what specifically would you do to facilitate this in a co-located team? What about in a global virtual team?
3. You're a manager who employs a participative control approach. You've concluded that corrective action is necessary to improve customer satisfaction, but first you need to convince your employees that the problem exists. What kind of evidence do you think employees will find more compelling: quantitative measurements or anecdotes from your interactions with customers? Explain your answer.
4. What types of analysis can managers perform to help them diagnose a company's financial condition? How might a review of financial statements help managers diagnose other kinds of performance problems as well?

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1. Interpersonal skills would be nearly equally important if the team is organized face-to-face versus a virtual team, due to the fact that in order to develop and maintain a cohesive team unit interpersonal skills are very important for the leader as well as the other members of the team. It may be slightly more important for interpersonal skills to be at a high level in a face-to-face team, due to the fact that facial expressions and other mechanisms of unspoken bodily communication will be very important components of the interpersonal communication that takes place in a face-to-face team. The types of interpersonal skills that would be required for both types of teams would not differ, due to the fact that communicating effectively with members of the team would ...

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The interpersonal skills and fiances for management problems are examined. The global virtual teams for co-located teams are analyzed.