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CMC in You've Got Mail

Apply Computer-Mediated Communication Theory to a movie "You've got Mail."

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The entire movie's premise surrounds computer-mediated communication (CMC). When the movie came out in 1998, it was at a time when the average household began to get and use email. Therefore, the exciting possibility of finding true love via the internet was extremely intriguing to viewers.

In the beginning of the movie we see both main characters in less than ideal relationships, who are communicating via dial-up internet.

Main Characters
"Shopgirl" - Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan)
"NY152" - Joe Fox (Tom Hanks)

Shopgirl and NY152 met in a chat room (prior to the movie), and have never met in person. They hide the fact they are involved and just communicate the "important" things going on in their lives. There is some debate as to whether CMC is more or less personal that FtF (face to face) communication. In this movie, the CMC is much more personal. They are uninhibited by traditional social confines that appear in FtF communication and are able to open up to one another about their personal ideas and views. FtF communication has proven too insincere and fast-pasted to allow for that in this movie. Do you find this to be the case as well? The characters comment that the "avoid personal details," yet it seems there definition of personal is just the information that ...

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This solution provides a thorough description of how computer-mediated communication (CMC) theory can be seen in the movie, "You've Got Mail."