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Unhappy customer: Claim letter writing skills for adjustment

Claim letter requesting an adjustment.

As a consumer, you've probably bought something that didn't work right or paid for a service that did not turn out the way you expected. Maybe it was a pair of jeans with a rip in a seam that you didn't find until you got home or a watch that broke a week after you bought it. Or maybe a lawn service your family hired didn't finish the agreed- upon tasks and damaged valuable plants.

Your task:

Choose an incident from your own experience and write a claim letter, asking for a refund, repair, replacement, or other adjustment. You'll need to include all the details of the transaction, plus your contact address and phone number. If you can't think of such an experience, make up details for an imaginary situation. If your experience is real, you might want to mail the letter. The reply you receive will provide a good test of your claim writing skills.

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Tony Christiano
2342 Parkway Drive
Drywood, IL.

July 17, 20xx

The Merchandising Manager
Draymart Stores
8975 Brownstone St.
Drywood, IL

Dear Sir/Madam,


In regards to a Nokia E93 phone ...

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Claim letter writing skills for adjustment are examined for unhappy customers.