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    Business Letter Review and Edit

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    Dear Mr. Christopher Gilburt,
    I am writing this letter to express my disappoint of the service tachyon Jason Jolly. I do not know Mr. Young quailing but his customer service skill he needs to be re-trained and listen to the customer, as a customer and an employee we must be.
    I have been without phone service since October 5, 2014 I though after Mr. Jolly repaired the service on October 10, 2014 after his visit Jason recommend that I go to Time Warner because AT&T service would be poor due to the lines (technology wires) I said I would but no let see what happen place the order and if I need to upgrade the performance I will at that time. His reply was okay let's see
    I'm not going to go through that he say, she say match but Mr. Jolly brought up going to Time Warner, he said I shouldn't be saying this but that is your best option because the sinner is not going to work basic on the hours I tried to get a sinner through, it is worth repeating then I ask him how long it will take to get it fix, Mr. Jolly I don't know, I asked is there a number I can call, Mr. Jolly I don't know and it might take three days or a week. I find his answer was unacceptable and no AT&T motto of "How can I help you with that" Now it has been over two weeks with no phone service I call. I am sure if Mr. Randall heard of this situation he would find it very unprofessional and no the quality of customer service he had in mind.
    Because of Mr. Jason Jolly action I have AT&T Three times trying to get my phone on and each customer service Rep read me Mr. Jolly's comments that I said is totally untrue if it was true why would I still be trying to get service my phone is still after.
    I want to shine a brighter light on this bad situation Ms. Gerlie Pagatpatan spend four hours trying to get me appointment most of the day October 23, 2014, she keep me posted on all the updates and changes she should be commend for her dedication I have been with AT&T for over 25 years and I have never seem such dedication and determination to get my phone service on

    I hope this letter address all my concerns with Mr. Jolly and on the other Ms. Gerlie Pagatpatan Excellent customer experience. I look to hear from you all soon. Thank you for your time, support in this matter

    October 18, 2014

    Stacy Chapman
    I want to thank you for the funds I received after one week of my claim. I want to express my unhappiness of the service I received from you and allstate insurance company, not only did it take a week to internally contact the communication was very unsatisfaction
    October 3, 2014 when you storm hit the home I reported twice with no call back in five days, five days that is very unacceptable as a good and lorded customer.
    The reason I selected Allstate rental insurance is what I readied and the commercials very tasteful done though my experience my view has changed and not for the good. I can go on with how unhappy I'm but I want I just want it to be noted the timetable of help and communication is totally unacceptable I lost a lot of things most of all time and the sense of security a feeling I never felt before until now. I hope the next customer will have a better experience then my Mother and I.

    Thank you

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