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How to Write the Perfect Appeal Letter

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How does one perfect the act of writing a perfect business letter?

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This solution contains a letter with proper correspondence formalities. It also gives step-by-step instructions on how to produce a letter for different situations. Whether you're asking for a second chance to have your final exam or coursework reevaluated, soliciting donations for an event, asking for job or a promotion, addressing the owner of a company, or asking for a refund on your purchase, the letter provided in the example is sure to give you a few good pointers.

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The first page of your appeal should consist of a formal letter to the department in which you are addressing. Make sure that it follows this format:

-Address of the person to whom you are writing

-Today's Date


To Associate Dean XYZ and Members of the Appeal Committee:

-The Body of the Letter

Please accept this letter as my formal request to have my Exit Test reevaluated. As you can see from my performance in the course, XYZ...

The reason why I didn't do well on the Exit Test is XYZ (testing conditions, my instructor didn't prepare me for the test, personal reasons, the course ...

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