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Persuasive Message: Disability Company

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Write a four to five paragraph form letter to potential customers on the range of services your business or organization can provide. (The business/organization and customer(s) may be "real" or fictitious.)

The letter should include the following:

1. The structure of the letter follows the four-point persuasive outline, AIDA - Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.
2. The content stresses a central theme, selling point, or appeal to the customer.
3. The content includes supportive information and details describing the range of services your business or organization can provide.
4. Clarity, writing mechanics, and formatting requirements.

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I have outlined a letter for you. You may add, change, or adjust where you see fit. This company works through the state MedWaiver program, if you need further information.

Hello! You were referred to us by the Support Coordinator, and we are happy to offer our services to you. Our main goal is to help persons with disabilities lead lives of their choosing, based on their needs and their input.

Our company offers many services for people with disabilities. Our companions, support services, and employment services ...

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A sample of a persuasive letter for a business working with persons with disabilities.

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