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Persuasive messages and writing

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I need help with the following example. I have attached the file that goes along with the project.

Read the first paragraph and see whether it really does hook the reader. Then read the next paragraph or section and see whether it builds interest. Then read on and see if the message creates desire. Finally, read the last part and see if it motivates. Then write four paragraphs for this assignment explaining your findings.

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These are the basic thoughts I have. You will need to adjust this to fit the class perspective of persuasive and how the letter works as a good or not very good example.

The first paragraph contains a hook, but I am not sure, without the bold print, that it particularly strong. It does use specific words, (now, share, benefits, free) that will entice someone to look further. The immediacy of the word "now" is especially good when followed with the phrase ...

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A review of a letter for aspects of a persuasive message.