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    Letter and Written Message Tip Sheet

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    Your subordinate, Mark Smith has not really delivered. Your boss Helen really does not like him and he has given her some shoddy work. Otherwise Mark has some good qualities. He is punctual, considerate, works well with others, appears ethical and has sound judgment. He is a creative thinker though and this job (supply requisitioning) requires a rational, logical, detail oriented worker, not Mark's strength. Your boss has you fire him, which goes well. In fact, Mark says he was not happy anyway and knew his skills were in a different area. He has an interview with a Marketing firm to write advertising copy and would like you to personally provide a reference letter. You clear this with your boss who says it is fine as long as you sign it personally and not as a representative of the firm; but your boss says you must be honest about Mark's history with the firm, and his strengths and weaknesses. Write a letter for Mark that will possibly help him get the new job, while still meeting your commitment to your boss. Use any appropriate business letter format.

    Create a tip sheet (15 - 20 tips) outlining techniques useful in sending the following types of written messages: persuasive, goodwill, negative or bad news, good news, "you-centered," and sales oriented.

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    Ms. Sarah Smith
    Advertising Director
    Creative Marketing Corporation
    123 Color Boulevard
    Happy Valley, CA 94562

    Dear Ms. Smith:

    I am writing to recommend Mark Smith for an advertising copy position at the Creative Marketing Corporation. It has been my pleasure to work with Mark Smith for the last three years. Mark displays the qualities most companies search for in an employee, he is punctual, considerate, works well with others, and displays sound judgment.

    In addition, Mark brings something more to his work; he is truthful, insightful, and forthcoming. Faced with a job in supply requisitioning, a position requiring detail and logical thought, Mark was able to assess the situation and determine his strengths were better suited to more creative tasks. Mark has the ability to challenge assumptions to embark upon creative ventures that rely upon innovative thinking and expressive thought.

    Furthermore, Mark's creative talents and ability to self start are only ...

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    This detailed solution includes a recomendation letter from a manager for a subordinate, and also includes a tip sheet for sending written different types messages (persuasive, goodwill, negative, bad news, good news, sales oriented).