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    Written business communication and email miscommunication

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    1. Write a business letter using the block letter format. Address it to your instructor at 700 Mall Boulevard, Savannah, GA, 31046, and explain why you are taking this course and how it, and your education, will help you reach your career goals.

    2. Write an inter-office memorandum addressed to Mark Smith who is your new subordinate at work. You are to explain to him how emails can often create miscommunication. Suggest ways to handle his email at work so as to minimize mistaken correspondence and/or miscommunication.

    3. Create a tip sheet consisting of 15 to 20 tips to outline appropriate use of formal letters, inter-office memos, emails, handwritten notes, one-to-one personal contact, meetings, and the telephone. What situations and roles require the level of formality in the above types of communication? Consider the effectiveness of the format (does it work?), its efficient (does it reach the appropriate parties using minimal resources - time, money etc?).

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    1. Examples of block letter format:
    ? Microsoft Word has templates for business letters and memos by clicking on the Windows button, then "new" document, then clicking on either "letter" or "memo".
    ? This link also has samples: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/653/2/

    You will want your address at the top, then the date, then your instructor's address, and then the rest. I might suggest one paragraph for why your are taking the course, then in the next paragraph you could mention one career goal and how the course and your education in general will help, then perhaps a third paragraph with another career goal again describing how your course and education will help you achieve that goal. An appropriate closing is also important.

    2. Sample memo format (in addition to Microsoft Word templates) http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/590/04/

    Miscommunication sometimes stems from lack of nonverbal cues like facial expressions and tone of voice, carelessness because of how quick this type of communication is, and the lack of personal contact which can lead to relationship issues. Here are some articles on the ...

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    Emailing is discussed regarding possible miscommunications stemming from various factors. Suggestions for avoiding miscommunication in emails is also given. Ideas for situations in which oral vs. written communication is preferred are offered, as well as references for sample business letters and memos.