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Managers and the Communication Process

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Think about the manager that you have in your current job or one that you have had in the past.

Identify and explain the communication processes that the manager uses or used in a work group.

What could the manager have done to more effectively apply the communication process?

How would you have communicated differently if you were the manager of the work group?

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My manager insists on having EVERYTHING in writing. He does this to avoid miscommunication, as well as to have documentation of all requests and conversations. In addition, by relying on written communication, my manager is able to consider different proposals without reacting on the spur of the moment. This process works in many ways because as an employee you must also consider what you are going to say in advance, and write it down. All communication is via email. Part of ...

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This solution discusses communication processes used by managers in work groups. It gives examples and discusses how to more effectively communicate as manager of a work group. It includes links and examples.

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