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    Organizational communication concepts

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    The final research project requires you to choose a specific topic relevant to organizational communication processes, research that topic incorporating sources (literature review), analyze the issue in a real world organization, and present your findings. The final paper should be 8-10 pages (excluding title and reference pages), double spaced, and formatted in APA.

    Identify an organizational communication concept that is particularly interesting to you and that you would like to learn more about. Potential topics include: international and intercultural communication, communication competence in the workplace, diversity and communication, leadership communication, communication and decision making, communication in groups/teams, and communication technology in organizations.

    Identify an organization with which you are familiar and apply your research on the communication concept you selected to the organization. What did you learn about the concept by applying it to your selected organization? What did you learn about the organization by applying the organizational communication concept? Propose a specific program, training or course of action that you believe could potentially improve communication in the organization. Be sure your recommendations are supported by analysis of your research. Use at least six resources, three of them from Ashford's online library databases.

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    Communication: Google
    Google is one of the largest companies in the world, in addition to being the largest search engine in the world. The company has interests in areas of web development, email, social networking and broadcasting just to name a few. The fact is Google has endeavored to organize the world’s information in every conceivable area and make it universally useful (Google history, 2013). This endeavor does not happen without the ability to generate a strong communications network across a wide area of operation. Googles communication system is second to none.
    Googles Organizational Structure
    In order to better understand how Google uses communication technology to help management grow it is important to understand the organizations structure. Google started out as a small company founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google history, 2013). The idea that fostered growth over the years was known as the 70-20-10 rule, which represented the latitude that each employee would have as it related to creative artistry and communication (Brablc, 2011). The rule simply presents the amount of time managers and employees will spend on daily activities such as doing core searches and ads, working on adjacent businesses in some interesting way, and developing innovations to enhance growth. Management works closely with each employee and between departments by using a cross-functional management style. The idea of using cross-functional teams is lofty because experts that make up such teams are specialists in different areas. It takes a great deal of communication to manage a cross-functional team (Blanchard, 1994).
    The communication process became more complex for Google as they began to expand their area of influence around the globe. Currently Google has inroads into every major country in the world. With this growth comes a need to standardize policy in every area of operation and Google does not take this responsibility lightly. The fact is that Google has more than 160 domains worldwide, and this number is sure to grow in the future (Company spotlight: Google, inc., 2009).
    Google’s Communication Application
    With studies showing that technology will reach a level of personalization and empowerment for every life within the next 20 years, Google has started tapping this demographic early (Chin, 2011). The first step to assuring that Google maximizes their ability to maintain growth through communication starts in the recruiting process.
    Google has strong recruiting channels, starting with job boards, and ending with mobile recruiting. In between these channels are email, and social networking recruiting strategies that take recruiting to the next level (Brablc, 2011). The idea behind their recruiting practices is to develop a strong, fair and open channel of communication management and tech savvy applicants to find the best and brightest employees on the planet. Google has used these recruiting methods for several years, and they have been adopted by other organizations that seek to replicate Googles success (Brablc, 2011). One of the most important aspects of using technology to communicate with future employees in this fashion is to find out how well each channel works. Using a system of checks and balances managers measure the performance of each channel to find out which one is working best for the particular need. The idea is “you’ll never know if a channel works until you try it” (Brablc, 2011).
    Google uses recruiting metrics that measure the success of their efforts. Metrics technology provides companies like Google with hard and fast numbers. Google can track how many times a particular channel has been viewed, how many people have clicked on the particular channel in question, how many applicants have submitted, and how many of those applicants are qualified for the position (Recruiting marketing metrics, ...

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