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Organizational culture, behavior, diversity and communicatio

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Working in transportation explain the following key concepts and terminology:

Organizational culture
Organizational behavior

Describe each concept's observable aspects.
Provide a brief analysis of the culture and behavior of your organization which is transportation.

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This explanation provides you a comprehensive argument relating to Organizational culture, behavior, diversity and communication

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Working in transportation, explain the following key concepts and terminology:

Organizational culture

Organizational culture in the transportation organization means the beliefs, values, experiences, and attitudes of persons in the transportation organization. This collection is unique and is shares by all the individuals in the organization. This sharing affects the manner in which the individuals interrelate with each other. The observable aspect is the urgency in the organization to ensure that every consignment is delivered on time.

Organizational behavior

Organizational behavior is the manners in which individuals conduct themselves in the transportation company. The behavior is influenced by several elements including social interaction, the mental makeup of individuals, the management, and organizational culture. The observable aspect of ...

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